Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Today I saw a sign at the train station, it had a giant heading which said 'abuse'. The first part of the sign read:

Some days don't go to plan, but we all have the right to do our jobs without being:
  • Verbally Abused
  • Physically Assaulted
  • Spat on
So you know, fairly typical cityrail sign. Perhaps next it will say "If you experience abuse, or see someone else being abused, report it". Or Something to that effect. But no, it actually said:

If you have a complaint about our staff, please don't take it into your own hands, phone 131 500 and register your complaint.

It's a bit like saying: "we know we've got staff that should be abused, assaulted and spat on, but please don't." Or "We know that verbal abuse, physical assault and spitting are excellent ways of resolving disputes, but in the case of cityrail staff we ask that you make an exception"

A friend, when she first read it, thought it was asking us to report cityrail staff that verbally abuse, spit, etc.